Insurpro Financial Services deals with all major insurance and investment companies in Canada. Chief consultant of the firm has over 27 years of industry experience. Company provides you technically sound advice and friendly service.

At Insurpro Financial Services, they shop around for you to get you the best possible rates for all your insurance and investment plans.

To make sure that you have a right type of insurance coverage or investment plan, get it reviewed from an expert at Insurpro Financial Services at no cost to you.

Filing any death claim or critical illness claim, Insurpro financial services, offers complimentary services to all community members regardless they purchased the policy from them or any other agent.

At least 5 things one should know before buying life insurance

  • Assess your insurance needs correctly
  • Only buy a coverage that one can afford
  • Hire a qualified agent who compare the rates and plans for you
  • Read your insurance contract completely and ask questions to your agents
  • Review the financial history of the insurance company.

As soon as possible! Because when you are young and healthy, it is dirt cheap to buy and lock the rate for next 20,30 or longer period. Often people think that you buy insurance with money “We say that you buy insurance with age and health”. As long as you are young and healthy, it is cheap, otherwise it becomes very expensive.