Vision & Core Values


Committed to watch our client’s interest with full honesty and responsibility.


Client’s satisfaction is always the cornerstone of our organization, as our clients are the reason for being in business.


Under promise over deliver – Always try to deliver more than the promise we make


Our core focus is to protect the financial future of our clients from losing:

  • To uncontrollable events e.g., premature death, Critical illnesses, Disabilities,
  • To controllable events e.g., loosing wealth in taxes, Bad investments or due to lack of an effective financial plan (by designing a customized time-tested financial plan)
  • Retirement funds to market volatility by providing most secure and growth guaranteed investment opportunities.

Company Profile

At InsurPro Financial Services Inc., we protect financial future of individuals, families, and businesses by providing best financial planning services. Our goal is to provide the most authentic and professional solution to our clients, which will help them in achieving their financial goals in shortest times risk free!

We partner with all major insurance and financial institution in Canada. Our deep knowledge is our strength. We serve our clients by providing best products and technically sound advice for their insurance, investments, and estate planning needs. We are a growing team of professionally trained advisors providing services in most provinces of Canada.

Following its Vision, InsurPro has such a qualified, experienced and dedicated team whereas respectively considering all need based challenges from clients; InsurPro team follows all Core Values of company to produce organized expected results.    

InsurPro offers range of services to its clients which covers; either its individual: financial protection, saving & investment needs and Tax management Solutions, Families: Health, Wealth and Current/Futuristic Financial Planning or Businesses: included Small & Medium business and Corporate Institution’s from Personnel to Collator, Creditors and Tax Planning.   

Not sure what you need? Learn in seconds which types of insurance match your business.

CEO Profile

Mr. Fazal Wadud is B.COM, MBA, MMBA, and FLMI, ACS, SSGB, He started his career in North America from Wall Street over 20 years ago. He has enjoyed a successful career in the life insurance industry of North America and has held various executive level positions in insurance Underwriting, New Business, and Insurance Claims management. During his corporate career he personally has approved thousands of insurance policies and insurance claim. He has held various insurance and financial seminars to create financial awareness in public 

and have trained thousands insurance advisors during his lengthy career. He loves reading and writing and have contributed to a few insurance books which are being read by Life insurance industry worldwide. Fazal is a family head, a proud father of three kids. When not working, he loves to spend time with his family.

In 2017 he formed his own company, InsurPro Financial services with core mission of; helping working class families to secure their financial future by providing them, technically solid and sincere advice. He thrives with his life-long passion to help people. Besides helping clients, he is busy training new and experienced agents and have formed a team of over 25 financial advisors across Canada, Thus our clients could relax and pass on their financial worries onto our professional shoulders!

  • 27 years of working experience in the Insurance and Investment industry.
  • Held executive positions, As Executive Underwriter, AVP, VP, SVP for leading financial institutions, of the USA and Canada.
  • Personally reviewed and approved thousands of insurance policies and Claims for families and businesses.
  • Contributed to Some Insurance textbooks reviews for, Life Management Institute, Georgia, Atlanta., USA.
  • Regularly appears in various financial literacy and public awareness talk shows on TV and various institutions.

Fazal Wadud


CEO Message

“Post Covid-19, rather say continuation of Pandemic, Economic World happens to be new era of business understandings and had already predicted a new regime. There are hundreds of established exemplary facts, which lead to be smart and cut down bills while utilizing resources in such a pandemic situation, similarly such resource has become inspiration for conventional ideology to lean forward for adoptability.
While affected economic conditions, less economical activities and lowest growth along changing geo-political and geo-economic factors the probabilities would rely on the understandings towards application of financial planning within livelihoods and organizational operations. Underlying technological, economic, social, and regulatory changes are coming together to dramatically enrich and personalize the customer-adviser relationship; and recast the role and value of the traditional Digital insurer or service provider.
Although the potential pain of these changes may not felt for few years ahead but you must take step now to begin putting in place the foundations and long-term strategies needed to be successfully compete in a fast-changing Financial Era.
We at InsurPro assure you with dedicated services the dedication of services with all ethical, social and corporate responsibilities through our qualified and experienced team of experts for at your services by all professional means.
Thus, be relaxed and just transform you worries into our professional shoulders!”

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