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We can help protect the place you call home!

At Insurpro Financial Services Inc. we can help protect your most valuable asset: your home, which you work so hard to buy and create for you and your family. Since, our home(s) are often times the biggest assets we own, it is that much more important to ensure that we protect our home via mortgage insurance.

In case, we are no longer around, or are unable to work, it is important to ensure that our families are able to keep their home. We can achieve this goal by buying an insurance policy at least worth the cost of your current mortgage amount, we call this mortgage insurance. While it is possible to buy a mortgage insurance from banks. We instead recommend, that you buy this insurance from insurance companies through us, as we can definitely help identify the best insurance policy to suit your unique needs.

When you sit with us, based upon your need analysis,we will be able to suggest a life insurance policy best suited for you. We suggest that you buy a lie insurance policy, where your beneficiary is your spouse, and or children, instead of making a beneficiary a lender. In order to learn why we recommend this, please email us or give us a call at 647 – 286 – 4285