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Meet our Chief Consultant and Advisor: Fazal Wadud

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Fazal Wadud CEO and Chief Consultant
With my 27 years of experience, I been helping my clients (Families and Businesses) in :
  1. Ensuring that your investments keep on growing risk free, regardless of any market conditions e.g. COVID-19, 9/11, 2008 market crash. Provide 100% guarantee that you won’t lose a dime!

  2. Ensuring that you retire with an extra $million (if not more) By effective? tax, estate planning and smart investing.

  3. Your hard earned money is protected from Creditors, losses, most taxes, probate fees and available for you before or after retirement.

  4. Making sure that when the time comes, your wealth is transferred to next generation according to your wishes and most tax efficiently.

  5. Educating my clients and providing financial literacy is my passion.

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